Frequently Asked Questions about Measure M


What is the current state of Malibu school facilities?

Our students continue to achieve great success because of the high-quality education provided by Malibu schools. However, Malibu schools are in need of modernization to support 21st-century learning, and repairs and upgrades are needed at all Malibu schools to ensure student safety. Malibu High School is 60 years old, was originally built as a middle school, and no longer adequately supports the needs of Malibu middle or high school students. That’s why a broad coalition of local Malibu residents and community leaders have come together to support Measure M on the November 6th, 2018 ballot.


What is Measure M?

Measure M, the Malibu Classroom Repair and 21st Century Education Bond Measure, is a general obligation bond that, if approved by 55% of local voters, will generate $195 million to be used exclusively to improve local Malibu public schools. Funds would be used solely for Malibu schools to ensure our schools receive the repairs and upgrades they need to continue providing a top-notch education to all local students.


How will Measure M funding be used to improve Malibu schools?

  • Voting YES on Measure M will provide safe, high-quality schools for Malibu students and address our schools’ most urgent needs, including:
  • Improve and modernize classrooms and science labs to support instruction in math, science and technology
  • Fix leaky roofs and replace deteriorating floors, windows and walls
  • Improve Malibu middle and high school campuses to provide the school facilities needed for a 21st century education
  • Replace aging plumbing and school restrooms
  • Remove hazardous materials and improve fire safety and school security systems
  • Build classrooms for teaching career and technical skills to help students succeed in high-demand jobs


Does the measure include fiscal accountability provisions?

Yes, the Malibu bond measure includes mandatory fiscal accountability:

  • Every dollar will be used for Malibu schools, and none of it can be taken away by the state or used for schools outside of Malibu.
  • Citizens’ oversight committee and annual independent audits are required.


Would any of these funds be used for schools outside of Malibu?

No. For the first time in its history, Santa Monica-Malibu USD has created two separate bond measures – one for Malibu and one for Santa Monica – to maximize local control of each communities’ funding for facility improvements. This means that every dollar of Measure M will be dedicated to Malibu schools only.


How much would Measure M cost?

The cost of the measure is limited to no more than $30 per $100,000 of assessed (not market) value annually.


Could Measure M help our schools qualify for State matching funds?

Yes. If passed by 55% of those who vote, Measure M could qualify Malibu schools for millions of dollars in state matching funds that would otherwise go to other communities.


Our schools are already among the best in the State. Do we really need an additional source of funding to compete with our neighbors?

Yes. While we rely on State funding for the vast majority of our school operations and programs, the State provides minimal funding for school facility repairs and improvements.


When will Measure M appear on the ballot?

Measure M will appear on the November 6, 2018 ballot.


What level of support does Measure M need to pass?

Measure M needs to be supported by 55% of those who vote on it in order to pass.


Who is eligible to vote on Measure M?

All registered voters living in the Malibu SFID are eligible to vote on Measure M. This includes all voters within the City of Malibu plus the unincorporated areas of SMMUSD.


How can I register to vote YES on Measure M?

To register to vote YES to repair and upgrade our Malibu schools, visit or call 310-456-2489