Vote YES on Measure M to repair and update Malibu schools to meet today’s academic and safety standards for our local students


Although Malibu schools offer high-quality education to local students, our aging facilities can no longer adequately support the needs of our students. Our elementary schools are more than 70 years old and are unable to provide the 21st-century learning environment that our students need for success in college and future careers. All Malibu schools need upgrades to support the 21st-century education our students deserve.

While some work has been done to remove hazardous materials from our schools, we need Measure M to build new classrooms, completely free of PCBs and other hazardous materials.


Vote YES on Measure M to


Improve and modernize classrooms and science labs to support instruction in math, science and technology

Fix leaky roofs and replace deteriorating floors, windows and walls

Replace aging plumbing and school restrooms

Remove hazardous materials and improve fire safety and school security systems

Build classrooms for teaching career and technical skills to help students succeed in high-demand jobs

Strict Fiscal Accountability


Every dollar will be used for Malibu schools, and none of it can be taken away by the State or used in schools outside of Malibu

Citizens’ oversight committee and independent annual audits are required


Join parents, teachers, public safety and community leaders in supporting our great local schools – vote YES to repair and modernize Malibu schools to keep our community and property values strong